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Friday, July 20, 2012

UFC week

This week has been nuts with all the MMA fighters, coaches and fans coming out. The UFC open workouts were a huge hit at CCMA. I was on cloud 9 getting to see all the fighters and soak up the energy and excitement of all the Calgary fans, finally getting a UFC in Cowtown. Just one more day, the biggest day of all; getting to see my hero Nick Ring get in the cage and showcase his fighting skills and represent Calgary in front of all his fans. I'm so excited. I was at the weigh ins earlier today and when Nick stepped onto the stage in his Flames jersey the fans went wild. He was the only fighter who got a standing ovation. Not even the main event fighters got that honour. Even though it was only the weigh ins I was feeling nervous. I always find it harder to be in the crowd waiting. I would rather be fighting. I think most people feel the opposite, but hey, fighters fight and that's what I want to get doing again soon. Being in the crowd is torture.

After the weigh ins I rushed back to the club and got to train with Adam Zugec, Sarah Kaufman's coach. Always a pleasure to roll with a Black belt of his caliber. I never worry about getting hurt when I train with skilled BJJ guys, they have great control and awesome techniques.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crash dieting for fights vs regular meal planning

I imagine after a longer period of time I will have more concrete info to talk about but for now I can't help but share some of my new found experiences.

For pretty much all my fights and last World Championships I have worked towards since 2008 I have not had too much difficulty making my weight for the weigh ins sometimes have to cut up to18 pounds within a 2 week time frame. I know lots of athletes do this but it is not the best diet plan for sure. Now, things happen last minute and I get that. The worst part for me is I LOVE food so it makes these crash diets right before a tournament extra torture. Luckily I have been stubborn and do it anyways. The main reason why these crash diets are hard is because normally I like to eat anything I want and then because I have to buckle down before the tournament it feels like I am an adict going cold turkey on many of the foods I eat. Once I compete I always fall right of the wagon and gorge myself and feel like crap doing but it has been hard to keep self control when I have been starving myself.

I think this issue might now be over for good. I recently started a new diet that is all set out for me. How many meals I get per day, how many snacks, portions, caleries and a grocery list to boot with the recipes included. The hardest decision I have usually have in a given day when I am busy is what to eat. Now, that stress is taken care of. Now, because this diet gives me constant, healthy nourishment including yummy meals I enjoy I don't feel like I am craving junk food and sugar anymore. I really turned this negative mind set into a positive experience. I am excited for my food like I always have been but having the meals be tasty and healthy I feel an overall feeling of happiness for my body, energy levels and my mind.

I want to be ready all the time to fight at a good healthy weight without depleting my body of the healthy foods it needs. So far, many of my training partners and friends have also gone of this meal plan and have acheived excellend results. The master mind behind all of this is our Yoga instructor at Champions Creed Nichole Teering. She has many credetials being a nutritionist, reflexologist, yoga teacher, acupucturist and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make some health changes in the life.

Here is Nichole's website if you want to check it out.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lovin' the summer and the new club Champion's Creed

Since January 22nd it has been non-stop building and getting the new club up and going the way we want it. Still a few more things left to do but the new club is everything and more I hoped it would be. We opened April 1st and time has flown by so fast. I couldn't believe when I counted the months today that it is our 4th month. The website to the new place is

While it has been busy, I have managed to find many fun things to do including BBQ's at our picnic table out front, open the bay doors up while training and getting fresh air, pushing the sled and flipping the big tire in our back parking lot with Billy Kim, training MMA and Yoga (seriously) in our 25' octagon cage, and the list just goes on.

What's next for excitement on the list is the UFC 149 coming to Calgary and having the open workouts July 18th at Champion's Creed Martial Arts. They are bring in the Huge Octagon Nation semi and will have lots of fighters here to show their stuff and see the fans.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

girlie weekend!! So much fun

What a fun filled Girls only weekend in the Kootenay's. Everything a girl could want.
Day 1: I drove the 5 of us 45 minute up a logging road to the top of the mountain to a beautiful hot springs. There was only one other person there who didn't stay long and then we had the place to ourselves but before the guy left he filled us in on some info. 1. You can make the water gush out of the pipe fast if you plug it up for a minute (of course we tried it once he left), 2. The water temperature was 34 degrees (so warm and perfect for the summer) 3. At night people come and light candles around the rocks 4. Watch out for poison ivy in the bushes around. 5. He asked if we would be ok with him skinny dipping and Lindsy was quick to say "I'm not ok with that" so he left!
Day 2: We went to Wasa Lake which is the warmest lake in the Kootenay's. We loaded the back of the truck up with tubes, air mattresses, snacks and sun umbrellas and off we went. Apparently I am not that good at loading trucks because 2 tubes were missing when we arrived at the beach and we never found them. We got stuck in the water for 45 minutes while an RCMP officer was checking the people on the beaches coolers for alcoholic beverages. Not that we had any ourselves, wink wink, but we didn't go back to shore till he left. After sunning ourselves for many hours, swimming, playing frizbee in the water and reading our books we had a great night out at the Burrito Grill with good eats and yummy margueritas. It is always great to get away for the weekend with just the girls, leave the men, children and training behind and chill! Ahhhhhh

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Finally I am starting to get in the loop. You can now follow me on twitter. @birdsheila

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Won my MMA fight against Kim Couture

I am so excited and yet super relieved my fight is finally over with Kim Couture on AX: Combat "Execution" in Calgary on Friday night. Most important thing, I went in confident in the striking that I have been working on and getting better at every day. There were so many things that I am proud of in my match. It was so much fun coming out to the song "Surfin' Bird" and then for some stupid reason we always have faulty water bottles and I always end up getting it spilled or splashed on me by accident which I just find funny at the time. I wish I could have taken a picture of the crowd cheering me on after I won, it was the best feeling ever to look out and have so many people applauding my victory. I was not lying in my speech after my fight when they asked me what was next for me; I went to the Stampede and got me a corn dog. Yummers!

The best part of the night was meeting Kim and hanging out with her after the fights at the after party and then we went to a Chinese Food restaurant and because it was Stampede the place was going crazy, people dancing on tables playing drums with their chop sticks. It was a great time and it was nice Kim could experience some Stampede action as well she got to see the Calgary parade and the Royal couple.

My coaches were amazing (Brian, Doug and Brad). I love the focus and calm confidence they have for me in the back getting ready to fight even though I am sure they are nervous for me and putting on an act. No problem, I believed every second of it.

The referee stoppage was controversial and I felt he stopped the fight too late but luckily in the end Kim was just fine. During the fight when I had the submission on I didn't know she was unconscious until her legs went flat. I was almost going to give up the choke thinking it wasn't on quite right.

I will be back at BDB on Monday training again. We have such a great group of fighters and it is my turn now to be a partner for them after they helped me so much.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tickets for Sale for my upcoming fight with Kim Couture at AX Combat July 8th

I now have the tickets for my fight against Kim Couture for July 8th on "AX-Combat: Execution" at the Telus Convention Centre during The Calgary Stampede. Read below for a list of what I have. Contact me at 403-220-1426 or email me at

VIP table tickets: $150.00 per seat - Cage side (10 seats per table) Includes drink service
Reserved seats: $65.00 right behind the VIP tables. I have a section for sale that will just be BDB members and friends if you want to sit with my fan group :-)
General Admission: $45.00 with rush seating

If you plan on going please buy your tickets through me because I make a commission off my ticket sales. Also, if you want a VIP table seating let me know asap as there are not that many for sale and will sell out fast.

There are some great local fighters on this card so I expect the tickets are going to go quickly. Don't miss out and get them from me right away.

I also have sponsorship packages available that include VIP tickets, drinks and advertising on my shorts, shirt, and banner. If you or anyone you know are interested in sponsoring me for this fight email me at and I will get you the information for what is included for supporting me.

Hope to see everyone out. This is my first fight in Calgary with my hometown crowd. It's going to be a blast.